Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Handicapped Parking

Those who know me know that one of my biggest complaints concerns people who illegally use handicapped parking, which includes parking in the cross-hatched areas in-between.

Years ago, while living in Carlisle, I had my own personal handicapped parking spot in front of my apartment. I had a big problem with my upstairs neighbor using it for his own convenience. I left him notes nicely asking him not to use a handicapped parking spot illegally but he continued his practice, saying he was just going in and out real quick. To me that's a lame excuse that shows he has no idea how serious his actions are to people, like myself, who live with mobility disabilities. So I decided firmer action was needed. The next time I found his car in the handicapped spot I started to let out the air in his tires. I say “started” because he came out once he saw what I was doing. I explained how serious his infraction was and what it meant to people like myself when he uses lame excuses. To say the least, my action of letting out the air in his tires was not very godly, nor loving. A more appropriate action would be to report him to the local police and have them ticket him for illegal parking, which in Carlisle was a considerable sum. That would have been a more appropriate action.

Today, whenever I spot someone illegally using handicapped parking I leave a note on their windshield, or speak to them if they are available. I also take down the make, model and license plate to report to the police if I see them again.

Yesterday I ran into a kid parking his BMW in the cross-hatched area at the local CVS. I took down the information on his car and was in the process of writing him a note when he came out and got into his car. I tapped on the passenger window which he lowered. I told him he was illegally parked, at which point he tried to close the window on me, but I was leaning on it, knowing that may be his response. He said he was in a hurry and needed to get to class. I explained that that was really no excuse for using a spot that would be needed by someone with a van and a side-panel lift, which they needed to get in and out of their vehicle. I then explained that I had taken the information about his car and I was reporting him to the police. “Yeah, so what,” was his ignorant response, at which point he drove away with the passenger window still open. I can only pray that he has learned not to use handicapped reserved parking again, or else receive another lecture or a ticket

I wish the local police would deputize me so I could put tickets on vehicles illegally parked in handicapped reserved areas. Guess it's just a dream for now.

In His glorious grace,


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